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RollsRoyce Phantom 11
One of the early Rolls Royce Vehicles

                                                      My Vintage Collection

     Welcome to my Collection of vintage vehicle, which was left to me by my late father, both he and I love the vintage vehicles, and as you can see, the photographs are different angles, and on some, there are better views than others. I am glad to have them as they were my Fathers and I have almost every hobby he had. But some of the vehicles are no longer in the collection, they were sold prior to my being given them, but I still love the look of them all even though the collection is not complete without all the Rolls Royce models which were in it, even so the rest of the vehicles are here with me, and never taken out of the box, in fact the only time they have been out of the box is for these photographs to be taken, all the models are from Franklin Mint, where dad got many more things, but at least his collection of beautiful cars are still together as  a collection as he wanted  except for the Rolls Royce.

     I am not certain what some of the vehicles are, but I do know for certain that there is a model T Ford, and a Rolls Royce Alvis, along with these are an AEC wagon, Bentley, at least one DB5 and one BD7, Ford Anglia, Morris Minor, Scammel, and a host of others which at the moment I cannot remember.

      I am at the moment looking for as much information to go along with the cars, and will add it as soon as i have this information,which i hope will be quite soon,there maybe a couple more photos in the near future and i hope you enjoy looking at them, as they mean a lot to myself and family, and also to the English people who have seen them come and go,some of who have also owned or driven one or more in the past, it is truely a Great British Heritage.

     Although I call it my Vintage Collection, there are things new like the stobbart lorries, and a couple of other ones. So even thought the collection is made up of mainly old and vintage cars and buses etc, there are also a few of the newer cars and buses, wagons and such.

 These are some of the pictures of the collection i have,some remain to be added at the yet.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost


1959 on

Lotus Elite


The Model "T" Ford

Porsche 911

Land Rover Series 1
Hard and Boney but nice.

Lotus Elite


Morris Minor Traveller
1000cc engine

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Ford's model "A"


1962-1980 era

E-Type Jaguar