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hi everyone

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About Me
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

One of my favourit pastimes was playing the accordion,which i started when i was in my mid teens along with 1 brother and 2 sisters.The music we played,was of various types and for a variety of aged people, some whom were younger,but quite often,my grandparents ages.These days i can only play the keyboard,using only one hand,but the memories of the music and the fun times still remain locked firm in my memories.As they say memories are forever.
 i still play around with a keyboard sometimes as best i can,but i don't find it as enjoyable as the accordion,, it doesn't seem to have the same sound or quality,although it's good and it tries to give a good impression of the "squalkbox",it lacks the pure quality in the sound.Although not everyone likes them, you will still find a lot of them playing in some of todays bands or the keyboard is set to sound like it, so it goes to show that even some musicians like the sound even if they can't play them.
         Now i am basically classed as retitred as i am no longer able to work,but
enjoy the new hobby of Ammateur radio,which i started to do about mid 90's,
firstly passing my novice exam, then getting a full R.A.E exam class B licence,
this allows me to use certain areas of the band width, until i can obtain a full class "A" licence, i am limited, but i am working on getting to the top.
       The good chats you can have while your driving down the road, or walking in the park with a loved one,(providing they like them and don't object),can make a difference, it can make that long drawn out drive into something of a pleasure and more often than not, your at your destination without thinking of how long it has taken you, as you're not alone, most of the time there's someone on waiting for the call. CQ CQ CQ,, then giving their callsigns out and asking for a chat. not alway i do have to admit, but this is usually when the sun is out and people are taking in the chance to get a tan.



Who could do this to a jeep?

I'll try describe my passion in a little more detail here. It's about what I like, and even some of the links and further info i have. 


Here's some of my favorite actors/actresses,although a collective list, it's some i love watching.
  All the Police Accademy,Bruce Willis,Arnold Swartzineggar,Lethal Weapon films,and many more like this, including,Armageddon,Convoy,Anything to do with car racing, in fact almost anything except the standard murder mysteries,which all seem to be of a similar base,and most of the time,dry and dull.

Here's some of my favorite music artists...

Savage Garden,Status Quo,Lonestar,and a whole collection af vaious artist from the late 60's to todays music, i enjoy most of them.