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A Warm Welcome to one and all, Please enjoy what you see..

       Hi my name is Ian, I was born on march 4th 1960,as a youngster i enjoyed many hobbies including : camping, caravanning,, playing the accordion,,photography,yatching and a host of other things.and at the age of four, i learened i ws a coeliac disease sufferer, this may not mean much to many but it means that i am alergic to wheat flour,as are many others worldwide, I was one of the first in West Yorkshire to be diagnosed, as there were then only about 6 or so, but now it is more like a 1 in 3 chance of someone having coeliac now.
 As i aged, i found i enjoyed many more things,like driving,which i didn't start doing until i was in my  early 30's due to illnessand following a stroke,before which i worked as a volunteer for a short while at our local hospice,where i started one morning per week to help the sick,as my doctor said it would help me think less of my own problems and concern me more that some people are always suffering worse than i,although these are not his exact words the meaning is the same,then i started slowly helping round in the afternoon when anyone was off ill or for whatever reason, then it suddenly became a full time 5 days per week thing,always voluntary, and sometimes not getting home until  times like 10pm or so,but it's a job which gets hold of you and you feel as if you belong there constantly helping the sick and needy,and each day is different,from chatting to one,to changing lighting bulbs etc,anything and everything.This i found to be the most pleasurable job i ever did even though it was unpaid.
I was more or less on call out as i only live a few hundred yards away from the hospice,and so if there was a problem, i could walk up within minutes,so i was classed as a volunteer maintainance worker. After about 7 months of working there,, i had a stroke which took the use of my being able to carry on with this work and now i am classed as retired as i don't work at all,but the memories of helping a fellow person will never drain from my mind,sometimes it hurt just to see the sufferer,, so it's a pain that is not only in one,and when you experience such things,, it makes you think about and be thankfull for the health you have. 
        I have three  children, each of who wanted to go their own way in life,having their own interests, only one had anything like any i had.
We all know that our children have will take their own course as we do ourselves,but we all have our own loves and lives and we shouldn't be made to follow one course or another.
Dedicated to my buddy from the USA ..

What a picture ....

Do we all feel like this ?????

    I hope you all find this picture about Microsoft as funny as i did when i came across it on the internet, I don't know what it's like for everyone else but i always manage to get problems working with Microsoft Windows, not to forgetting a few of my friends have the same trouble !!!


Comfort of a roaring fire !!

This picture looks like the one in my home, ,i personally think they are so comforting and warm,even if it takes a short while to warm the house up.

These are just some of my hobbies i've done over the years.

This occordion is similar to the one i used to play at a younger age !!

Kenwood tr 71e all mode transeiver

Yeasu 102
Model 102. looks very much like the yaesu 736 i have at home.

Music is Music, no mater what the language..
I have a wide range of taste in music, to view more please go to about me .

Meet ...(BIGFOOT)
As you can see by my jeep page, i also have an interest with jeeps and their history !!

    Please contact me with any comments or reactions to this site to help make it better,anything to do with ham radio,accorions or jeeps are always welcome so if you ever have anything to spare,why not send it and share???All who contribut will be thanked and if they wish,named on the siteukjeep2000@yahoo.com with JEEP in subject line otherwise it gets deleted.